Chicken Enchilada Soup – II

If you can find a recipe, such as this, that falls under the umbrella of “comfort food” yet still has ingredients like chicken and onions, keep it. Hug it. Never let it go. Normally my comfort food recipes include heavy whipping cream and some… Read more

Snickers Rice Krispies

Duuuuuuuuuude!!!!!   ¼ c butter 5 c mini marshmallows 5½ c rice krispies cereal 1 c salted peanuts 16 oz. Kraft caramels 3 T heavy cream 2 c milk chocolate chips   Melt butter in large saucepan over… Read more

Texas Roadhouse Rolls with Whipped Butter

Do you panic when you realize that you need lunch, and by lunch I mean Texas Roadhouse rolls, but the restaurant doesn’t open until 4:00 p.m.?! Me too!! Now you can make them. Just serve that soft whipped butter in a bowl and dip the rolls like… Read more

Kool Krispy Sandwich

Allow me to introduce you to the Kool Krispy Sandwich: vanilla ice cream, raspberry gelato, and frozen berries sandwiched between an original Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. Oh my! I think you two will be very happy together….   For each… Read more

Breakfast Burritos

Burrito definition according to me: delicious, flavorful comfort food wrapped in a beautiful blanket of soft, warm carbs, like a present. And now you can have one for breakfast!!!   flour tortillas hash browns scrambled eggs (add… Read more

Grilled Onions

When you, say, get an In-N-Out double-double burger with lettuce and grilled onions only, do you find yourself quoting Linus in Ocean’s 11 as Tess walks down the stairs at the Bellagio: “this is the best part of my day.” Me too!!!!! So good! I… Read more

Fairy Bread

It’s an Australian thing. And it is amazing!!!!! Easiest party food ever! You’ll be cleaning up sprinkles for days but it is worth it!! Kind of like confetti after a New Year’s Eve party. Now I’m wondering what else to put sprinkles… Read more

Lemon Velvet Cake

When life hands you lemons, you’re probably going to need more than lemonade. You’re going to need cake! Luscious decadent lemon velvet cake!   Cake: 1¼ c flour 1½ c cake flour ½ t baking soda 1½ t baking powder 1 t… Read more

Fast Easy Juicy Tender Chicken

This recipe is easy AND foolproof! It makes the most tender, juicy, flavorful chicken that is absolutely versatile. Eat it cold or hot. Eat it plain or in stuff. Or on stuff. Salads, pasta, soup, etc. It is amazing enough to shine as the lead (main… Read more

Stuffed Strawberries

A perfect appetizer for spring. I picture a party in the backyard with white café bistro table and chairs. Maybe an umbrella. And a cool breeze. Reality? I’m in my sweats in the kitchen. Ha! Either way, they’re delicious!!   30… Read more