The cupcake theory all started with the idea that making and sharing good food spreads happiness. It’s a simple gesture that can have enormous effects. The cupcake theory states that a simple act such as giving a cupcake, or really any delicious food, will cause a smile to break out, followed by an infectious happiness, eventually reaching epidemic proportions, ultimately spreading joy capable of transforming the world. All because of a cupcake.

I’ve developed this site to inspire you to cook delicious food for your friends and family, sit down and spend time with them, have a good laugh, and enjoy life. You’ll find recipes for wonderful comfort food and amazing desserts, simple meal ideas, and party plans to make entertaining fun. The theme here is simplicity . . . nothing fancy. Everyday food that anyone can make.

Here’s the most important tip: butter makes everything better! That being said, make sure to wear an apron while cooking. It will not only protect your clothes, but you’ll feel that superhero-type power that comes with the “suit.”

Another suggestion learned from personal experience: use the freshest ingredients possible. If you find yourself thinking “it’ll do,” then you’ll have good food. If you make that extra effort to use fresh ingredients, you’ll have great food.

I have found that the best recipes use fewer ingredients. Often when I find a new recipe, I immediately throw out two or three ingredients. Flavors should blend and complement one another, not compete with each other. That’s my philosophy on people too.

Thanks to those who have shared their recipes with me: family, friends, Pioneer Woman (so many good ones!) . . . oh, and Betty. Betty Crocker. “She” has contributed to my recipe collection in a grand way. Thanks Betty. And special thanks to my grandma who not only shared her recipes with me but was the one to show me she cared by making and serving great food every time I visited. She was the epitome of the cupcake theory.

So, friends, enjoy cooking. Enjoy sharing good food. And most important of all, enjoy a good meal and a good laugh with those you love.

Note: I’ve included a link to “the good life” . . . all my lessons learned along the way. I’ll be honest, I used to be cranky and stressed, but I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be happy, so I’m sharing my tips with you. Can’t hurt, right? I’m all about sharing information that makes life better. That’s what friends are for. Please feel free to make comments or contact me. I’d love to be friends with you too . . . .