Berry-Banana Smoothie


This smoothie is a perfect solution to the ol’ want-to-take-a-Jamba-Juice-run-but-don’t-want-to-leave-the-house problem. Maybe because you’re in your sweats. Or you’re feeling like being alone. Or it would take more money in gas than it would to buy the smoothie. There could be a thousand reasons. But the important thing here is that you can make your own smoothie. In your sweats. In your kitchen. By yourself if you like. It is loaded with berry flavor, and the small amount of banana is just right. Ahhhh . . .


1½ – 2 c orange juice

1 c frozen raspberries

½ c frozen strawberries

½ medium banana

½ c crushed ice

2 c raspberry sherbet


Pour 1½ c orange juice in blender. Add raspberries, strawberries, banana and ice. Blend until smooth. Add sherbet and blend again until smooth. Add additional orange juice if mixture is too thick. Serve immediately.

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2 Responses to Berry-Banana Smoothie

  1. Jan says:

    Not to mention that this smoothie will cost much less than a Jamba Juice smoothie! I have made one with just orange juice, banana, and frozen blueberries. It’s GOOD!!!! I want to try this one though!

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