Big Hunk Candy


Chewy and tasty and soft. I wrap mine like caramels so they are easy to serve. Mmm… caramels. I’m off to the store…….. Haha!


3 c salted peanuts

3 7-oz. jars marshmallow creme

2¼ c light corn syrup

2¼ c sugar

1½ t vanilla

6 T butter

¼ t salt


Butter 11 x 17 baking sheet. Evenly distribute peanuts on sheet. Set aside. Place marshmallow creme in large mixing bowl. Set aside. Combine corn syrup and sugar in large saucepan over medium heat. Stir until mixture comes to a boil. Cook, without stirring, until candy reaches 280ºF (subtract 2 º for every 1,000 feet above sea level). Remove from heat and let sit for 2 minutes. Pour over marshmallow creme without scraping pan. Add butter, vanilla, and salt and stir until smooth. Pour over peanuts and spread evenly. Allow candy to set for 3 hours. Cut into small pieces and wrap in wax paper.


Source: Utah Dairy Council

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  1. grillmaster says:

    These are better than the original!

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