Binders – Organization Tip

When I was in college I worked as a secretary and had the most organized boss. He taught me the beauty of binders. They are a great way to organize your paper world. I now have a fitness binder (ought to use it more), a Pinterest binder, a daily planner binder, receipts binder, important information binder, recipe binder (several), and many more. Label the spine, stack them side by side, and you’ll have your whole world organized right in front of you.


Start by getting plenty of binders in sizes and colors that will be useful or appealing to you. Get a three-hole punch and keep it handy. Get tabs (tabs are incredibly useful to break information into subheadings within the binder), sheet protectors, three-hole punched folders, or whatever you think would help keep your binder most organized. And follow the binder guidelines:


  • choose a subject for each binder and label the spine
  • split up subject matter into subheadings then label tabs with same subheadings
  • punch holes in papers
  • separate papers into subheadings and file under appropriate tabs in binder
  • sheet protectors can double as a clear pocket for odd-sized papers
  • as new paperwork comes your way, remember to file papers away in the appropriate binder to keep things organized
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2 Responses to Binders – Organization Tip

  1. Amy DeMordaunt says:

    We have been re-addressing the organization of our household and as I read some organizing tips, I remembered this article and decided I liked this idea more and want to implement this system. Several months ago I bought some binders for this purpose, so here it goes! Thanks for the great ideas.

    • Carol says:

      Oh yay. You are welcome. We love binders! In fact, just today Shane made a binder called “woodworking” and he put all his favorite magazines and plans in it. Hope it is a good system for you. :)

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