Garden fresh tomatoes? Check. Fresh bakery croissants? Check. Crispy bacon? Check. I like checklists. Especially when they result in something this incredible: a bacon, lettuce, turkey, and tomato sandwich!!


1 croissant, sliced in half, or 2 pieces of bread


bacon, cooked

sliced deli turkey


sliced tomato


Spread mayonnaise on croissant halves or on each slice of bread. Layer bacon, turkey, lettuce and tomato in between croissant/bread slices. Eat fresh!!

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2 Responses to BLTTs

  1. Jan Jardine says:

    Carol, you are so much like me when it comes to making a sandwich. The croissant is genius! I’m always trying to find the PERFECT bread for a BLT, as regular bread just doesn’t quite work. That looks amazing!

    • Carol says:

      Thanks, Jan. I’m with ya, regular bread just doesn’t cut it. Unless it is totally fresh and maybe toasted with the crusts cut off. FYI I like Albertsons/Fresh Market croissants. Seems like other grocery stores get cinnamon in their croissants somehow. I’m sure it is an accident. 😉 Have you ever heard of a cinnamon BLT? Haha! Me neither.

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