Breaded Chicken Sandwich


I’ll throw anything between two slices of buttered bread. In my opinion, it makes it all the better. Lasagna, for example. Have you ever slapped a warmed leftover serving of lasagna on buttered bread? Oooooo baby. Mmmmmm. Or breaded chicken? I know, the chicken is already breaded and fried in butter, and then I have to go and put it between two buttered slices of bread! Do you see a pattern here? This really is the king of all comfort food, at least in the “sandwich” category.


For each serving:

2-3 pieces of chicken panne, warm

two slices bread

1-2 T butter, soft

1 slice cheese, optional


Spread butter on one side of each slice of bread. Place chicken pieces (and cheese, if desired) on one buttered slice. Top with the other. Eat immediately.


If you desire warm, toasted bread, butter outsides of bread as well and grill sandwich in skillet on medium/low heat for a few minutes each side.

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