Candy Cornucopia


The selling points to a candy cornucopia:


  • It’s easy. So you can spend your time/energy on the all-important Thanksgiving feast.
  • It’s colorful. Which livens up your table.
  • It’s versatile. Substitute the Runts candy with Trix cereal or gummy fruit snacks if you prefer.
  • It’s fun. Kids will love snacking on it while waiting for the feast to begin…
  • …which brings me to my last point: it’s edible! Did you expect anything less from me? Haha!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


sugar cones

Runts candy (or Trix cereal or gummy fruit snacks)

ribbon (optional)


Tie, tape, or glue ribbons around sugar cones (optional). Fill each sugar cone with candy, cereal, or fruit snacks. The end. Easy. Done. Now feast!!


Note: If you want to curl the end of the cone to look more like a cornucopia, dip end of cone in warm water for 20 seconds, heat in microwave for 20 seconds, and immediately roll around pencil for 20 seconds. Slide pencil out and continue decorating cone with ribbon and candy.



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