Caribbean Salad


It’s fruity, fresh, and light . . . an absolutely perfect meal for summer. This will be a hit, even among those in your party who don’t like salad. Throw those salad plates in the freezer while you fix it and you will be glad you stayed in tonight!



chicken tenders

teriyaki marinade (Lawry’s is great)

leaf lettuce, chopped

iceberg lettuce, chopped

fresh pineapple, cut in chunks

mandarin oranges

green onions, sliced

red pepper, finely chopped

dried cherries

shelled sunflower seeds

salt and pepper



3 T mayonnaise

2 T pineapple juice

1 T mandarin orange juice


Marinade chicken at least 1 hour. Grill. Cut in chunks. Layer lettuce, pineapple, oranges, onions, peppers, cherries, sunflower seeds and chicken. In small bowl, whisk dressing ingredients. Toss or drizzle salad with dressing. Salt and pepper to taste.


Inspired by: Chili’s

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