Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself. It will wake up a part of you that you didn’t even know existed. You’ll feel alive. Worthy. Capable. It’s a great feeling when you accomplish something, when you succeed. You may have sore muscles . . . like after you spend a week at volleyball camp in high school after a summer of doing nothing and your muscles are so sore they burn and scream and ache whenever you move them but you want to be a good volleyball player so you continue with the camp and you learn how to serve it and spike it so you can be a contributing member of your team and make them proud (not that I’ve had ANY such experience) . . . and you may feel exhausted. But you will have a sense of accomplishment that you won’t get any other way than working hard for something you want. Challenge yourself. The reward, the increased confidence and the feeling of accomplishment will be well worth the effort.

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