Cheese Tips


Storing Cheese:

One of my favorite kitchen tools is my food saver. I mainly use it for cheese, but it is worth it for that reason alone. It preserves cheese so well. The food saver removes all the air and wraps the cheese up nice and tight, keeping it fresh and ready for the next use. And with food saver bags, you can just cut the top off, use the cheese, and seal it back up using the same bag.


Thick or Thin Cheese?

You’ll notice that cheese tastes different depending on how thick or thin you slice it or grate it. Plus, if you slice or grate it thin, you’ll have a different ratio than if you slice or grate it thick. Finely sliced or grated cheese is great in some recipes like tacos or omelets or as a garnish. Other recipes such as quesadillas or grilled cheese are better with a thicker slice of cheese. Learn what your preferences are because the ratio of cheese you use does make a difference in how your recipe tastes.


Kinds of Cheese:

If you get stressed out just thinking of all the different kinds of cheese out there and don’t know which to use, here are my three basic favorites. A classic cheddar/jack cheese is a great kind to have on hand. It goes with everything. Mozzarella is a mellow cheese . . . perfect for Italian dishes. Pepper jack adds a great spice to dishes such as quesadillas, potatoes, or eggs.


Shopping for Cheese:

Thank goodness my husband worked at a cheese plant in college (words I never thought I’d say); otherwise, I wouldn’t know this next tip. When shopping for cheese, find a symmetrical brick with smooth edges. If it has jagged edges, chances are it was at the end of a big block of cheese (before the block was cut) and isn’t as fresh.

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2 Responses to Cheese Tips

  1. grillmaster says:

    Gotta be proud of that cheese plant heritage! :)

  2. Kristy says:

    I love having a friend with as much cheese knowledge as you :) Love the cheese!

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