One of the most helpful things I have found in life is to install filters. Brain filters, really. It is a pity they don’t already come installed, but thank goodness we can do it ourselves. And might I recommend incoming and outgoing filters? You see, filters are a way to question or assess information before it comes in or goes out.


Incoming filters: when someone tells you something, let your incoming filter ask yourself whether you agree or disagree with what that person is saying. If you agree, let the information through. If you disagree, block it from ever entering your brain. This is especially helpful if hurtful comments or unnecessarily harsh criticism comes your way. And if you find compliments or kind words coming at you, by all means, open those filters wide and let those nice things through.


Outgoing filters: same goes for outgoing filters, except they are really more to avoid embarrassment on your part. Before you let anything come out of your mouth, turn the outgoing filter on by asking yourself if what you are about to say is kind, representative of the person you are, and true. If so, let it out. If not, filter it. And send it down the drain.


Simple, really. And so helpful!

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