Free the Feelings

Ok, let’s talk about our feelings. Sounds like one of those jokes my husband would crack when I ask him what he wants to do. But seriously, have you ever noticed that with feelings, the same feelings keep coming back? Creeping up again? Nagging you incessantly? That is because you haven’t dealt with them. If you feel the feelings and let them wash over you, then they will be free to go away. It is when you push them down or sweep them under the rug that they stick around because they have nowhere else to go. Makes sense, doesn’t it? So, feel the feelings. Let them out. Have a good cry. Let yourself feel upset, angry, frustrated. It is only when you feel them that they will be free to go. I don’t know why it works that way . . . .


Now, I cannot speak for the guys here. Some guys claim not to have any feelings. Others just won’t talk about their feelings. It is a mystery to me. All I do know is that when I feel the feelings, whether they be pain, rejection, betrayal, hurt . . . I feel free from it all and can get on with feeling peace. It works with physical pain as well as emotional.


Free the feelings . . . sounds like I’m on a “save the whales” campaign or something like that, but try it. These feelings really do want to be free. And when they are free, you are free too.

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