Fried Pocket Pies


Ok there’s pie. And then there’s fried pie! It’s like taking your gold medal and dunking it in platinum. Or dipping your strawberry in chocolate. Or passing your Krispy Kreme doughnut under the frosting waterfall. Twice! Yes. My husband asked the nice Krispy Kreme worker if he would send my doughnut through the frosting waterfall a second time. Um. Yum!! So yes. Fry your pie. The sun will shine brighter. The grass will look greener. And your smile will be bigger!


1 15-oz. pkg. refrigerated pie crust dough

1 c fresh fruit (berries or finely chopped peaches or apples)

1/3 c sugar

2 t cornstarch

1 egg, beaten

vegetable oil for frying

powdered or granulated sugar for dusting, optional


Unwrap dough and cut ten 4-inch circles. In bowl, combine fruit, sugar and cornstarch. Place 1 heaping tablespoon fruit mixture on each pastry circle, slightly off center. Brush edges of circle with egg. Fold pie in half and seal edges with fork.


Heat oil in skillet over medium/low heat. Using spatula, lower pies in oil and fry 1-2 minutes each side, or until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Dust with sugar, if desired. Makes 10 pocket pies.

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