Frozen Peach Salad


This salad is the best way to preserve peaches and still get that fresh delicious peach flavor. It is the “next best thing” to fresh peaches I’ve ever tasted. The added juices and pineapple flavors blend nicely with the already fantastic peach flavor. Just mix it up when your peaches are ripe, freeze it, and enjoy it all year long. Katy shared this one with me. She’s not only a brilliant cook but is just so darn sweet to share her good food. She’s always handing out plates of deliciousness. Which makes me want to do the same. Spread the love, baby. Spread the love. That’s what the cupcake theory is all about!


1 scant cup sugar

1½ cups orange juice (not concentrate)

¾ cup lemonade (not concentrate)

1 scant cup crushed pineapple

6 cups diced peaches (approximately 8-10 large or 13-14 medium peaches)


Mix together and immediately freeze in Ziploc pint bags. When ready to serve, partially unthaw and serve as slushy fruit salad. Makes 5 pints.

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2 Responses to Frozen Peach Salad

  1. Kim Bee says:

    MMM….MMM…MMM… okay sorry, but wow this looks good.

    • Carol says:

      Hey Kim . . . thank you so much. Don’t you love all the fresh fruit in the summer?? Peaches are a comin’!! Boo-yah! Good hearing from you!

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