One of my favorite foods: the all-American hamburger. It just doesn’t get any better than that. And hot off the grill? That’s a good time right there. I’m lucky to have a husband, the Grillmaster, who knows his grill and uses it well. His best tip: grill at a low enough temperature that your burgers cook all the way through without getting charred on the outside. And then if you throw American cheese on the burgers that last minute of cooking and close that lid so it melts right in . . . heaven!!


fresh hamburger buns

mayo, ketchup, mustard

ground chuck

salt and pepper

American cheese slices

bacon, cooked

iceberg lettuce

tomatoes, sliced

sweet onions, sliced


Ground chuck = tender burgers. Form patties out of the ground chuck. Salt and pepper both sides. Preheat the grill using high heat for five minutes. Turn heat down to medium/low. Place burgers on grill. Cook 7 minutes. Flip. Cook 7 minutes more. Place cheese on burgers the last minute of cooking (with lid closed).


Other grilling tips from the Grillmaster himself:

Get to know your grill . . . where the hot spots are, etc. Watch for flare-ups (a lot of smoke pouring out means flare-ups). Move burgers if there are flare-ups. Keep grill lid closed as much as possible. Keep burgers cooking continuously at a low temperature so they cook through without getting charred.


Serve burgers warm with your choice of condiments and toppings.

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