Banana Crush


a refreshing pineapple-banana flavored slush

There’s good news and bad news with this recipe… the bad news? It tastes best if you use perfectly ripe bananas which means that you’ll have to pay close attention to those bananas and drop everything when they reach that ripe stage because you’ll only have about two hours or so until those bananas start to turn brown. Ok, I’m completely exaggerating, but that window of opportunity to find the bananas perfectly ripe is a narrow one. The good news? Once the slush is frozen, you can use it whenever you want for the next several weeks and it makes a big batch, so you’ll be in slush paradise. You’re gonna need it after babysitting those bananas so carefully.


4 cups sugar
6 cups water
5 crushed bananas
1/2 c lemon juice
1 small can frozen orange juice
1 large can pineapple juice (5 cups)



Combine sugar and water. Heat on medium until dissolved. Cool to room temperature. Add the fruit and juices, stirring well. Freeze. If using one large container, allow at least 48 hours to freeze all the way through. If using smaller containers, freeze at least overnight. When ready to serve, take out of freezer 30 minutes ahead of time to slightly thaw. Fill glass 1/2 full (not half empty, ha ha!) with slush and fill the rest of the way with Sprite. Now, pop in your best “Hawaiian scenes” DVD and pretend you’re on a tropical island vacation!

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