Let It Go

If something is causing you stress or hurt or disappointment, ask yourself who it is hurting to keep hanging on to these feelings. You? Or the person who caused the stress/pain in the first place? Chances are, it is hurting you the most. Do you want to let these feelings have power over you and get in the way of your peace and happiness? Probably not. So, throw a funeral for these emotions you’re hanging on to . . . grieve your loss and let it go. These feelings may resurface, and that is normal. But grieve your loss and let it go again. Each time you let go, your pain should lessen. You will probably notice that the feelings take longer to resurface each time you let it go, so eventually the feelings will stop resurfacing. Remember, each time the feelings come up, feel them, grieve your loss or your pain, and then let it go. This is a way of training your mind to move on. It also helps to change your thought patterns by knowing in advance what you will change the subject to in your mind when these negative thoughts/emotions come up. It is much easier to replace your thoughts than just stop negative ones.

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