Mini Hamburgers


We make these mini hamburgers every year for our Super Bowl party . . . in addition to decorating with our plastic grass tablecloth and giant, blow-up football. We’re not opposed to plastic at our house. I guess you already figured that out, having seen the photo from our luau! But I’m getting off topic. These mini hamburgers are good any time of year. With potato rolls as buns, they are soft, melty, heavenly creations.


12 potato rolls

1 lb. ground chuck

salt and pepper

American cheese slices, each slice cut into four pieces

iceberg lettuce

dill pickle slices


sweet onion, sliced





Form miniature patties out of the ground chuck. Salt and pepper both sides. Cook in skillet on medium/low heat, 3-4 minutes each side, flipping at least twice per side. Cook until browned. Top each burger with piece of American cheese. Slice potato rolls and apply your choice of toppings.

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