Mini Oven Omelets


I want to call these egg muffins. Not to be confused with Egg McMuffins. Although, those are incredible too. So incredible that I wish McDonalds would serve breakfast all day long. It is rare that I am up and at ‘em before McDonald’s shuts down breakfast for the day. I have been known to show up at the drive-through in my PJs. Their breakfast is THAT good! But I digress . . . these “egg muffins”, although different from McMuffins, are great because you can make a batch, store them in the fridge, and then quickly reheat one in the microwave as you run out the door in the morning. And you can add whatever you want to flavor them just the way you like ‘em. Right now I have three kinds in the fridge . . . bacon/cheese for the teenager, onion/pepper/cheese for the tween, and tomato/onion/pepper/cheese/bacon for the man of the house. And they all cooked at the same time. Now what recipe offers you that kind of flexibility?? Yes, people, this one is a keeper. Although, in the spirit of keeping things real, I must divulge that the pan, although greased, is absolutely determined to hold on to these omelets. Yes, they are THAT good! So, I wish you luck in your cleaning battle with the muffin pan….


12 eggs


your choice of:

shredded cheddar cheese

ground sausage, browned

bacon, cooked and crumbled

cubed ham

sliced olives

diced tomatoes

diced onions

finely diced green or red peppers

sliced mushrooms

salt and pepper to taste


Grease muffin pan. Pour one egg into each muffin cup. Lightly scramble with fork. Add your choice of toppings, ending with salt and pepper. Bake at 375°F for 25-30 minutes or until golden. Let cool 5 minutes. Loosen edges with knife and remove from pan. Serve warm or store in refrigerator to reheat later.

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4 Responses to Mini Oven Omelets

  1. Karen says:

    Guess what I’m having for breakfast? So glad I came across these Mini Omelets! They have everything in them I love. I’m making extra to freeze for on the go. I am going to pin this to Pintrest.

  2. Melinda says:

    Do you spray nonstick spray in the muffin tins first?

    • Carol says:

      I grease the muffin tins with shortening. Nonstick spray is a great idea, though. I’ll try that next time I make these. Thanks!!

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