One S’more


I’ll post something healthy someday… but for now, comfort food is the theme. Of my life. If you already have cupcakes and brownies and peanut butter cup perfection ice cream (ahem), then you probably don’t need a whole pan of s’mores. Therefore, a single serving s’more. One s’more. Double the recipe if you’re anxious this might not be enough…. We’re all about lowering anxiety here at The Cupcake Theory.


1 T + 1 t light corn syrup

1 t butter

1/4 c milk chocolate chips

a few drops vanilla

1 c golden grahams cereal

1/2 c mini marshmallows


Combine syrup, butter, and chocolate chips in saucepan. Heat over medium/low heat, stirring constantly, until melted and smooth. Remove from heat. Stir in vanilla. Toss with cereal in large bowl. Fold in marshmallows. Transfer to a bowl and let cool. Eat directly from bowl with a fork.

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