Onion Tips


Onions are a tricky thing because they add a great flavor to foods but they can sure smell up your fridge. And sometimes half the family likes them, the other half doesn’t. So, to solve all your onion dilemmas, here are some tips:


To contain the smell:

Once onions are cut or sliced, wrap in tin foil and place in fridge. The tin foil will keep the onion smell from escaping into the fridge.


To please everyone:

If you prefer not to have chopped onions in your food but love the flavor, you can grate frozen onions into your food. Start by cutting off the ends of the onion and the outer skin and then freeze the onion in a Ziploc bag. When cooking, remove onion from freezer and grate desired amount into ground hamburger, casseroles, etc. It will disappear into the food, but you’ll get that great onion flavor.

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