Personal Pizzas


I know, a lot of you are probably not a fan of hot dogs, and I’m feeling like it would only be fair to post another recipe for you. I like to be nice that way. So, I bring you a very fun meal choice: pizza. This is a recipe for individual pizzas so you can build your own just how you like it. The dough takes a little time, but once the dough is ready, these puppies cook up quick. Don’t worry all you animal lovers, they’re not real puppies. It’s just a “term of endearment” for pizza. You’ll love how the pizza turns out with these cast iron pans. Slight crunch to the outer crust but still a very soft dough overall. Ok . . . I gotta go make these again. My mouth is watering just thinking about these.



1/2 c warm water

4 t yeast

3/4 c milk

1/2 c oil

1/4 c sugar, divided

1 egg

1 t salt

4 1/4 c flour



Hunts four-cheese spaghetti sauce


sausage, browned

Canadian bacon or ham

pineapple tidbits

green pepper, chopped fine

sweet onion, chopped

mushrooms, sliced

olives, sliced

mozzarella cheese, shredded


To make dough, mix yeast and 2 teaspoons of the sugar with warm water. Let sit 5 minutes. Meanwhile, heat milk over low heat until warm. Add milk, oil, rest of sugar, egg and salt to yeast mixture. Gradually mix in flour until a soft dough forms. Place in oiled bowl, cover with saran wrap, and raise for 1 hour.


Punch down dough. Oil eight 7-inch cast iron pans. Place roughly 1/2 cup dough in center of each pan. Press dough out toward edges, pushing slightly up sides of pan. Top each pizza with 2-3 teaspoons sauce, a few tablespoons cheese, toppings of your choice, and then 1–1½ cups additional cheese on top. Bake immediately at 500°F for 7-8 minutes.


A pepperoni/olive version is up above. Here’s a Hawaiian version:


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4 Responses to Personal Pizzas

  1. Jeni Grimes says:

    What kind of cast iron pan is that?…love that idea

  2. Terri @ that's some good cookin' says:

    Love this idea. I am ordering those great pans. As a matter of fact, I think that I am ordering two sets!

    • Carol says:

      Thanks, Terri. Two sets is a great idea . . . more pizza for everyone. The giant cookie sundaes are so good too! Enjoy! :)

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