A routine can be so good for you. It can bring you comfort. It can satisfy. Find something you can do each day to make you happy, to make you comfortable . . . a drink in your favorite mug, the morning newspaper, reading while wrapped in your favorite cozy blanket. Morning and evening are my favorite times for routine. After the craziness that is getting kids off to school in the morning, I like to get a drink, get comfortable on the couch, and catch up on news, email and weather. It gives me a chance to get in touch with what matters to me before I go off to work out, clean, grocery shop, etc. After arriving home from work is also a nice time for a routine. Or after dinner. The nighttime routine is helpful in unwinding and getting ready for sleep. Relax, read, watch TV, talk/laugh with your family. It’s good to have a routine because it is familiar. Find your routine and you will find comfort in it.

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