Slow-Cooked French Dip


When I was in high school, one of my favorite things was my Walkman. I had a case that held 10 cassette tapes, allowing for a variety of music to listen to, which was especially nice when I traveled. And it was awesome! Styx, Journey, Foreigner. Life was good. And then the iPod was invented. The iPod, with its small size and enormous memory capabilities, quickly stole my allegiance to my Walkman. Upgrading is so much fun!! I’ve recently upgraded my French dip. I used to make French dip with deli meat and an au jus packet. “Walkman” style. Totally great. Then I discovered slow-cooked French dip, the “iPod” of the French dip world. Such an upgrade!! It was like the French dip went from amateur to professional. From Clark Kent to Superman. Black and white to color!! The only drawback? Planning ahead. Eight hours ahead. If you’re wondering if it really is worth it, just imagine fast-forwarding your cassette to your favorite song on your Walkman and then switching tapes and rewinding for a while to listen to your other favorite song. Yeah, the upgrade is worth it!


1 sweet onion

1½ c beef broth

1/4 c soy sauce

1 T Worcestershire sauce

1 t mustard

3-4 lb. chuck roast

coarse salt

fresh ground pepper

deli rolls

mozzarella or provolone cheese, sliced


Peel onion and slice into rings. Place in slow cooker. Mix broth, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and mustard together and pour over onions. Salt and pepper all sides of roast and place in slow cooker. Cover with lid and cook on low for 7-8 hours or until roast is tender.


Remove roast to cutting board and shred with forks. Remove onions and set aside. Spoon off fat from top layer of liquid. Serve liquid in small bowls as au jus. Toast rolls. Butter rolls if desired. Place shredded beef, onions, and cheese on roll half. Toast again to melt cheese. Top with other roll half. Dip in au jus.


Source: Sharon Moore Recipes

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