Sweet Ham


If you’re looking for an easy yet absolutely divine, tender, sweet ham recipe for Easter dinner, here you go. It is from Mary, the one who has recipe radar. She just knows what is good. And it is. All you will need is a slow cooker, brown sugar, and ham. The end. Mmmmmmm………. Store the leftovers to use on salads, in sandwiches or soup, for breakfast, or raid the fridge to eat it plain. You know you’ll want to . . . .


1 small butt portion bone-in ham*

3 c brown sugar


Cover bottom of slow cooker with 1½ cups brown sugar. Unwrap ham from plastic and place face down on brown sugar. Sprinkle remaining brown sugar over ham. Cover with lid (or make a tight seal with tin foil if ham is too large for lid to fit) and cook on low 8-10 hours. Turn ham during last few hours of cooking to allow entire ham to be coated in sweet juice. Remove ham and shred with forks, discarding bones and fat. Serve warm or refrigerate for later use.


*the smaller the ham, the better it will fit in the slow cooker

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