Thanksgiving Food

Dare I say that food is what makes the holidays “happy”? Especially Thanksgiving. It is all about the food!! And over the years I’ve incorporated some traditions from when I was young along with some new traditions that have caught on more recently. The following is a list of my favorite Thanksgiving foods, with links to those on the site (just click the photo to link to the recipe). Seeing how I’m a “baby” blogger (less than a year old), there are some foods that haven’t been added yet. If you’re interested in those recipes, comment or contact me via the site (include your email address) and I’ll be happy to hook you up.



Banana Crush (totally my grandma’s tradition!!)

Cheese Ball (a family favorite)

Relish Tray (to feel like we are eating something reasonably healthy)



Turkey/Ham/Chicken (yes, sometimes I roast a chicken . . . you can laugh!)


Gravy (a no-brainer)


Stuffing (such a tradition)


Green Beans and Bacon (I know, you’d think the relish tray would be enough vegetables!)


Strawberry/Banana Jell-O (a nice cold addition to the otherwise warm food)

Apple Yam Casserole (sweet, with a lemon sauce)

Mashed Potatoes (the best mashed potatoes on the planet!)

Orange Rolls (to die for!)

Corn (in honor of the first Thanksgiving)


Pecan Pie (a fantastic way to top off the meal)

To Serve Anytime (or all the time!):

Caramels (a tradition . . . something my Aunt Pat N. always brought to Thanksgiving)

Fudge (it isn’t the holidays without fudge)


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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Food

  1. Kristy says:

    OK . . . I am coming to the Reed house for dinner! Everything looks fantastic, my mouth is watering! Save me a seat . . .

    • Carol says:

      Aww how fun would that be if you could come for Thanksgiving?? We’d have a movie marathon in our PJs and eat some good food!! Let’s do it anyway! Even if it isn’t Thanksgiving!!

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