The Candy Dish Theory


You know how we all seem to want what we can’t have? I’ve noticed that to be true quite often in life. The candy dish theory states that if you always have access to treats, you won’t need/want as many. If treats are never to be found, then when you get your hands on some, you go nuts. Right? If treats are always there just sitting in the candy dish, and you know you can have some anytime you want, then you won’t feel the need to dive in all the time. This is even true for kids. Probably not really young kids. But once kids reach the age of three or four, they can pace themselves with the candy if there is always a full candy dish. Once in a while they may eat too much, but they learn pretty quickly that it doesn’t feel too good and they back off.


I love to set out candy dishes that coincide with the season or holiday or time of year, and of course fill them with candy that follows the theme. And of course keep plenty of “refills” in the treat cupboard. And of course keep “backups” in my desk drawer. Not that I’ll need them . . . but I’ll have them if I do.

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