The Recipe Olympics – 2012

The Cupcake Theory is celebrating its first birthday, so it seems fitting that we highlight and honor the great recipes of the past year in what I call “The Recipe Olympics”. My favorite recipes from the year will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze in a variety of categories. And definitely a Miss Congeniality Award. Oh wait, that’s beauty pageants. Haha! (I was awarded The Smile Award at a beauty pageant. It’s not the same thing as winning. Believe me. I know. LOL!) Here are your finalists (cue the music, flowers, and tears):


(click on each photo to link to the recipe)





To Die For:

GOLD - New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies







BRONZE - Layered Chicken Cordon Bleu


















Comfort Food:

GOLD - Cinnamon Roll Middles







SILVER - Chocolate Caramel Brownies

BRONZE - Scalloped Potatoes


















GOLD - Butter Parmesan Breadsticks








SILVER - Pretzel Bites

BRONZE - Mashed Potatoes



















GOLD - Turtle Shake







SILVER - Alfredo Dipping Sauce

BRONZE - Pina Colada






















Worth the Effort:

GOLD - Glazed Doughnuts







SILVER - Mini Bacon Taquitos

BRONZE - Croutons


















Melt in Your Mouth:

GOLD - Butter Cupcakes







SILVER - Buttered Baked Broiled Bread

BRONZE - Dulce De Leche Sundaes


















So Good:

GOLD - Parmesan Chicken with Cream Sauce







SILVER - White Velvet Sugar Cookies

BRONZE - Slow-Cooked French Dip


















Gotta Try This:

GOLD - Cookie Chocolates







SILVER - Strawberry Cream Crepes

BRONZE - Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

















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2 Responses to The Recipe Olympics – 2012

  1. Suzanne says:

    What a cute idea to have recipe olympics! My mouth is watering. 😉

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