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Caramel Truffles

Hypothetically, if the rain makes your hair go flat you might need one of these truffles. If your giant Pottery Barn bedroom set order accidentally goes through twice and you don’t notice until it is delivered, you may need two of these truffles…. Read more

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German Pancakes

Top your fluffy German pancake with butter, lemon juice, and powdered sugar (no matter that those same ingredients make frosting) and … nirvana. Absolute nirvana!   3 eggs 1/3 c cream 1/3 c whole milk 2 T sugar ¼ t… Read more

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Raspberry Fruit Dip

An explosion of flavor in every bite! I credit those little raspberry juice pockets. Do they have a name? I just googled it. Drupelet. Bless you google. And drupelets too!   8 oz. cream cheese 1 7-oz. jar marshmallow crème ½ c… Read more

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Easy French Dip

They say good things don’t come easy. When it comes to French dip, I say hold on, not so fast. They also say what comes easy won’t last. Um, yeah, that is definitely true!! These sandwiches are easy, fast, and my favorite French dip recipe of… Read more

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You can serve this guacamole with literally everything. Ok, maybe not literally but almost… like chips, quesadillas, tostadas, tacos, burritos, salad, vegetables, soup, sandwiches, omelets, burgers, enchiladas, or nachos.   3… Read more

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Big Hunk Candy

Chewy and tasty and soft. I wrap mine like caramels so they are easy to serve. Mmm… caramels. I’m off to the store…….. Haha!   3 c salted peanuts 3 7-oz. jars marshmallow creme 2¼ c light corn syrup 2¼ c sugar 1½ t… Read more

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Strawberry Oreos

A perfect summer treat. Christi’s idea. Brilliant!   1 strawberry cake mix 1/4 c flour 1/2 c oil 2 eggs   Whisk dry cake mix and flour. Add oil and eggs. Mix with fork just until incorporated. Scoop using ½-inch or… Read more

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One S’more

I’ll post something healthy someday… but for now, comfort food is the theme. Of my life. If you already have cupcakes and brownies and peanut butter cup perfection ice cream (ahem), then you probably don’t need a whole pan of s’mores…. Read more

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Magic S’more Bars

If I could meet anyone in the history of the world, I’d like to meet the genius who invented s’mores. The combination of flavors is just plain excellent! These hail from the magic cookie bar recipe … turned into s’mores! They are fast and… Read more

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Carrot Cake

This is some serious cake, my friends. Moist and dense and rich! I forgo the cinnamon as it tends to be the boss of everything. But the way that cream cheese frosting complements the flavors in the cake? Mmm hmm.   Carrot cake: 2 c… Read more

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