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Magic Cookie Bars

I recently heard the band Chicago announced as “classic” or in other words … they have stayed cool for a very long time. These magic cookie bars are classic too. I learned about them in high school and have been making them ever since. You can… Read more

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Bow Tie Lasagna

Ok people. Here’s the deal. It’s like lasagna … but without the fight to keep the lasagna noodles from sticking to each other and causing a total pasta kitchen meltdown. I’m all for avoiding meltdowns. Therefore, bow tie lasagna. Easy. Warm…. Read more

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Butter Mints

The personal ad would read: heavenly, melts in your mouth, dreamy, perfection. Make them this holiday season. You won’t regret it. (said in my best Meg Ryan “You’ve Got Mail” narrator voice….)   ½ c butter, softened 4¼ c powdered… Read more

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Chopped Fruit Salad

Chop it small and then you get a little bit of everything in every bite. Serve with a spoon. Aww yeah!   Chill your choice of fresh fruit: watermelon cantaloupe pineapple strawberries green or red… Read more

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Homemade Microwave Popcorn

This is seriously the best way to pop popcorn because 1) it is so extremely fresh and amazing, 2) it is so fast, 3) it is so easy, 4) it is economical, and 5) real butter! I. Just. Can’t. Help. Myself….   Note: salt amount has been… Read more

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Sweet Ham

If you’re looking for an easy yet absolutely divine, tender, sweet ham recipe for Easter dinner, here you go. It is from Mary, the one who has recipe radar. She just knows what is good. And it is. All you will need is a slow cooker, brown sugar,… Read more

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Fudgy Chocolate Chunk Brownies

My life is now complete. And I have Cindy to thank for it!! These brownies are a perfect mix of milk chocolate and semi-sweet. And perfectly fudgy!!   ½ c butter, softened 1 c sugar 1 t vanilla 2 eggs ½ c flour ½ c… Read more

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Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This one is all thanks to Winnie who not only shared the recipe but made them for me as well. Definition of a true friend right there….   Sauce: 1/4 c sugar 2 T soy sauce 2 T rice wine vinegar 2 T ketchup 1 T lemon… Read more

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Turtle Cake

Holy moly this cake is good!!! There’s not much more to say . . . .   Cake: 1 14-oz. package Kraft caramels 1 c milk 1 box German chocolate cake mix water, oil, eggs (called for in cake directions) 1 t vanilla 1 c… Read more

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Restaurant-Style Baked Potato

Crispy flavorful skins . . . fluffy soft insides. I saw a lady at Lake Powell once who fit that description. LOL! Totally helped us after our boat ran out of gas. I hope I’m the kind of person with fluffy soft insides….   russet… Read more

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