Assume the Best

It is always wise to assume the best about people. Especially if you don’t know their perspective. And even if you do, you may not completely understand the situation. Thus, it is better to err on the safe side and assume the best. Give people the benefit of the doubt. You may never know what caused someone to do something, but it is not for you to judge. Just love them. You’ll feel peace instead of frustration, acceptance instead of criticism. It helps to ask yourself, “did he/she intend to hurt me?” The answer is probably “no” which makes it easier to let it go. And if, by some chance, they meant to do wrong, they will have to face the consequences of their actions sooner or later, but you will have done them, and yourself, a favor by assuming the best.




Maybe she didn’t steal your boyfriend. Maybe she was dating him first and you stole her boyfriend. Ahh. See how this goes?


If he is watching TV instead of paying attention to you, does it mean he is ignoring you? Not necessarily. It may mean he had a rough day and is unwinding while trying not to take it out on you. See? Thoughtful. Not insensitive.


Were the kids trying to get their party clothes messy? And trying to make more laundry for you? Or were they just having a good time?


He may want to hang the artwork for you which might make you feel incapable, but really he wants to help because he loves you. So, do you choose to feel “incapable” or “loved”? Assume the best.


A child sticks their tongue out at you. Did he/she want you to have a bad day? Maybe he/she WAS having a bad day. Hmm. Don’t take it personally. Feel bad for him/her.


So . . . are you going to be glad you jumped to conclusions, were too sensitive, and got bitter at someone? Or will you be happier knowing you were slow to judge, gave someone the benefit of the doubt, and assumed the best?

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2 Responses to Assume the Best

  1. Lindasue says:

    This is so great Carol! Thanks for the inspiring post!

    • Carol says:

      You are just too darn sweet, Lindasue. I appreciated you quoting me today. Means the site is working and helping. I’m so glad. Have a great day!!

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