Boiled Eggs


I realize we already covered the how-to-boil-eggs topic, but what I failed to mention is how to eat them. I realize that may seem obvious: peel and eat! But . . . there is so much more to it if you want them to taste great. You see, I have this crazy theory that food tastes better if you chop/slice it just right. It is true for carrot sticks. Have you ever had a thinly sliced carrot stick compared to a thick one? HUGE difference. Same with boiled eggs. The trick to great-tasting boiled eggs: mash them up fine with a fork, spread butter on top, and lightly salt and pepper. And voila . . . a perfect breakfast!


For each serving:

1 boiled egg

1 t butter or margarine

salt and pepper


Peel warm, freshly boiled egg. Mash fine with fork. Spread with butter. Salt and pepper to taste.

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  1. Rosabelle says:

    this post should be printed out and installed on every traffic light in town

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