Butter Pecan Maple Syrup


I probably wasn’t your normal college kid because I couldn’t wait to escape the college scene on weekends. I’d go visit my grandparents, stay the whole weekend, go to the movies with them, or a play, or a patriotic celebration, and we would bake!! One weekend my grandma made me this syrup. And I thought she was just brilliant. Cold butter and syrup can cool down your pancakes, which is so tragic!, but if you warm the ingredients like she did, your breakfast has a shot at staying warm while you eat. Yeah, my grandma rocked!! With the added touch of pecans, your breakfast will have texture, warmth, and flavor!


1 c maple syrup

4 T butter

¼ c chopped pecans, optional


Warm ingredients in saucepan over low heat (or in microwave at 20-second intervals) until warm, stirring occasionally. Serve over pancakes, waffles, French toast, crepes, etc.

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2 Responses to Butter Pecan Maple Syrup

  1. Jan Jardine says:

    Oh yum! And I can’t even fathom why pecans would be optional!! Do you use REAL maple syrup? (I’ve never even tasted the stuff because the price scares me.) I’ve had hot syrup since I was a little girl, and I can’t bear to have cold syrup.

    How cool that you’d spend your time with your grandparents on weekends!

    • Carol says:

      LOL! I know . . . pecans . . . optional?! The horror! Right? (I guess I was thinking of kids. Mine don’t love them so I figured others might not either.) I use Mrs. Butterworth’s maple syrup. And then add more butter. Like it didn’t have enough already. LOL! I’ve never had real maple syrup because, yeah, the price is scary. I choose to spend the big bucks on chocolate. (You’re with me on that one, yes?) Or butter. And it really was awesome spending time with my grandparents. They are both gone now but the memories are priceless!

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