Crispy Cold Lettuce Tip


I love lettuce. Absolutely love it. Whenever we eat out, I order extra lettuce and it is still just never enough. On a family road trip through Oregon, we stopped for dinner at Wendy’s and my husband ordered burgers at the drive-through. In looking out for me, he orders my burger with, and I quote, “as much lettuce as you can fit on it.” We all laughed and, of course, were certain it still wouldn’t be enough lettuce. Well, were we ever wrong. That burger had to be wrapped in two overlapping foil squares to accommodate for the three inches of lettuce packed between the cheese and bun. Best burger I’ve ever had!! Well, not counting Fuddruckers. Oh, and In-N-Out. Ok, third best burger I’ve ever had!!


Well, on to the point of this post . . . my good friend, Heather, shared this tip that has taken lettuce to a whole new level for me. Thanks, Heather! Seriously, it’s the best tip. After removing the core from a head of lettuce, rinse the lettuce and then immerse it in ice water for 10 minutes. Right before serving, drain the ice water. You’ll have ice cold, crispy, delicious lettuce.

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