Organize Your Kitchen

It really is a whole lot easier to work in a kitchen that is organized. I’ll admit that right now I really need to clean out the pantry. De-junk it, so to speak. My most recent project: organizing the spices. Thanks to a very cool Mother’s Day gift, I have a new spice rack that is slim, handy, and labeled. Oh how I love labels!!


I know, some of you are thinking, “you got a kitchen tool for Mother’s Day? You poor thing!” Sort of like Annie Banks in “Father of the Bride” when she got a blender from her fiancé and thought it was the most ridiculous gift in the world. Like it sent some kind of message that she needed to stay home and cook. Well, I’m one of those women who LOVES to stay home and cook. I feel a little old fashioned that way. Am I like the “Leave It To Beaver” mom? I say “yes and no” because I certainly don’t have a tiny waist and I don’t wear my best dresses when I cook. I usually cook in my sweats and comfy slippers. I know, some of you are now thinking, “does everything relate to TV or a movie??” I say “yes.”


My favorite drawer is patterned after my mom’s drawer . . . the baggie drawer. I love the rows of wax paper, tin foil, saran wrap, and the various sizes of baggies for all of your food storage needs. It makes me happy whenever I open that drawer. Strange how things like that can make me happy. My storage room is the same way. Bright white sturdy shelves, great lighting, carpet. Ahhhh, heaven.


I have one cupboard just for pans. Another for storage containers. Another for electric appliances. If you organize your kitchen, it makes it easy to find just what you are looking for so you can spend your time doing the important things: cooking and eating!

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5 Responses to Organize Your Kitchen

  1. Kristy says:

    Oh! It’s the awesome new spice rack! Love it!

    • Carol says:

      Thanks, Kristy!! I’m loving it too. The best part? It is all uniform. Like spice military people. Ha!

  2. Tuheretty says:

    cok tesekkurler ilginc
    (translated: interesting, many thanks)

  3. Amy D. says:

    Love the spice rack! And now I know what’s wrong with my baggies, plastic wrap, tin foil and wax paper! They are all in the pantry (which needs organizing, but will soon be packed and moved anyway…) and just in a “general area,” easily displaced by random food or pop tarts. In my next kitchen I will definitely have a baggie, wrap, foil drawer. Thanks for the tip!

    • Carol says:

      Cool . . . glad it helped. I always love tips that make life easier. Good luck with the upcoming move.

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