“Top Gun” Turtle Shake


Favorite. Shake. Ever. Quite often I’ll say “this is my ‘new’ favorite food” when talking about a recipe. I know. It gets confusing because I say that so often. Right, Jake? It is rare, however, that I say that something is my absolute favorite. I reserve that phrase for the few foods that really blow me away. This shake, my friends, is the best! The elite. The top one percent of all milkshakes. The “Top Gun” if you will. There are a few things that you’ve just got to do in order to make it the best. For example, pre-chill your glass. Roast and caramelize your pecans. It takes time. There’s no cutting corners here. But if you follow the Top Gun Turtle Shake instructions, you’ll have a new favorite food too. Perhaps even an absolute favorite food!


1 milkshake glass

1 T Mrs. Richardson’s chocolate fudge topping

1 T Mrs. Richardson’s butterscotch/caramel topping

1 1/2 c Dreyer’s chocolate ice cream

2 T milk

1 T roasted caramel pecans (use chopped pecans)


Using spoon or squirt bottle, stripe inside of glass with fudge and butterscotch/caramel toppings. I did a little modern art inside mine so as to cover more “square footage” with toppings. Place glass in freezer for a good hour or more. Meanwhile, roast and caramelize pecans.


Combine ice cream and milk in bowl. Mix with spoon just until combined. Mixture will be thick. Add more milk if needed. Remove glass from freezer. Drop half the pecans into bottom of glass. Spoon ice cream into glass. Top with remaining pecans.

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5 Responses to “Top Gun” Turtle Shake

  1. Kim Bee says:

    I just saw this on Tasty Kitchen. It looks so good. I am drooling like you cannot imagine.

    • Carol says:

      Thanks Kim. Anything with ice cream rocks, right? I’m loving your ice cream Sundays . . . I can’t wait to try the coconut ice cream!!

  2. grillmaster says:

    I can vouch… Awesome!

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